Friday, December 08, 2006

Madistan Pols: May Become History

While The Conservative Revolution isn't going to happen soon in Madistan, there's a chance:

For the first time in recent history, the 2007 spring elections will fall in the middle of the University of Wisconsin's spring break.

Spring recess at UW begins March 31 and ends April 8 next semester, while the spring elections always occur on the first Tuesday in April.

And City Council President Austin King said this is the first time in recent memory that UW‚'s spring break has lasted through the first week of April, and the only time since his time in Madison that students will not be present for Election Day.

"That's like scheduling Election Day on a student holiday," King said. "This is going to disenfranchise thousands and thousands of voters."

"Disenfranchise"? Puuuhhhhhllllleeeeeeeeeeeze.

As Jenna points out, this might actually EN-franchise genuine Madistan residents...

HT: RightOfftheShore

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Van Helsing said...

Too bad they can't take their spring break in early November.