Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trawicki Owes Taxpayers a Document

The Sheriff of Waukesha County owes the taxpayers a little more analysis.

Seems that the County Board didn't give Sheriff Dan Trawicki all the money he wanted for staffing in the last budget. We're perfectly willing to grant that the County Board is playing politics--its Chairman is a lefty of the first water--but asking for an analysis supporting the Sheriff's request is not unreasonable. For that matter, the County's judges, who are raising a stink about Trawicki's plan (below), are not immune to political posturing either...

In the meantime, Trawicki proposes "to scale back the county's work-release program and free up to 100 inmates because of a budget shortfall"

County Board members, who approved Vrakas' budget last month, have shown interest in the sheriff's idea as a way of cutting costs.

Supervisor Kenneth Herro of Oconomowoc, chairman of the County Board Public Works Committee, said there has been no analysis presented to support the argument that the county jail is understaffed.

At this time, the Sheriff has 120 staffers in the Jail and work-release programs. Seems to me that if he wants 5% more employees, he should be able to show us exactly why.

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