Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gary Sherman: A P-I-G Guy

Gary Sherman, who double-crossed law-abiding Wisconsin citizens on the Concealed Carry issue a few years back, establishes that he is a Full Member in the Party-In-Government.

The Party-In-Government (PIG) is the group which takes from taxpayers and gives to themselves. (D) and (R) labels are irrelevant here. You'll see why:

Sherman said it was a "ridiculous idea" to suggest that lawmakers or other elected officials shouldn't earn the [health-care-fraud] benefit. But those such as Darling could choose not to use it if they don't need it, he said.

"This is an important benefit for people, for working-class people who aren't wealthy and go into government service to serve," Sherman said. "Most people in the Legislature are perfectly honest people and don't deserve to be treated as criminals."

Leaving aside the question of 'criminal treatment,' (which should be discussed)--let's get this straight: Sherman is posing as a 'working-class' person, who deserves better benefits than other 'working-class' people.

Such as the taxpayers whose health-insurance ends when they stop working (or paying for it.)

By the way, Gary, which other "working-class" people show up for work about 1/2 the days of a year, get extra cash just for showing up, and are treated to free-of-charge trips to various resort-cities around the US at no charge?

And which other ones can lie about their "health" to collect the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

Not the working-class that I know.

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