Friday, February 24, 2006

Who Wants War with Iran?

John Batchelor of the American Spectator, that's who.

Reading his blog notes, it is clear that Batchelor is willing to commit US troops and military technology to "taking out" the Iranian Gummint, currently fronted by a nut (but still run by the mullahs, who are likely NOT nuts.)

Keep your eyes on the spin, folks.

An acquaintance of mine who has some understanding of US foreign policy thinks that the Bush Administration will NOT commit to extending the war into Iran; the NeoCon warmongers have moved from the Administration to other places (a UN Ambassador spot, e.g.,) and the US mood has changed. 9/11 is gone, and so is Saddam.

That doesn't mean that people like Batchelor don't have some influence.

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