Friday, February 03, 2006

Da Godfoddah Does It Again

Confirming my thoughts below, Charlie posts an ominous brief:

"Why I Am a Conservative, not a Republican."

Charlie only picked the first 26 (or so) reasons...


M.Z. said...

I understand where this comes, but Charlie is not a non-party-affilliated conservative. To claim that he is not a Republican is just another form intellectual snobbery and deceit. I've never heard someone claim I'm a democrat, not a liberal. It is silly. For better or worse, the conservatives have chosen the Republican Party as their vehicle to power. This makes them Republicans.

Dad29 said...

I echo Charlie. While I most often vote (R), that doesn't make me a (R). In fact, I have NOT voted for the (R) who is currently my State rep since about 6 years ago.

Charlie and I differ over economic issues (he's more a libertarian) and some international issues (I'm less Wilsonian.)

But (R)? Not really. (R) people have to defend Lee-the-Walrus Dreyfus, Tommy-the-Statist Thompson, and (!!) simple idiots like ex-Sen. Danforth.

I won't be put into that position.

Terrence Berres said...

The test is what you would declare if Wisconsin had partisan registration. If you would not register as a Republican even if that meant you could not vote in the Republican primary, then you're not a Republican.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

If they made party registration mandatory for primary elections, count me out of primary elections.

I know some states do, but I don't know off-hand which one. I know in Wisconsin you can only vote in one primary or the other but you don't have to register as a member of that party.

Anonymous said...

It is to question Syke's sincerity. Only a Republican Stalwart could carry water for Scot Jensen the way Syke's does. Far too often Republicans in Wisconsin load up what should be a no-brainer bill with provisions that are difficult for the Governor to accept. In the end, these phony conservatives get nothing other than more PR in an attempt to elect more Republicans. When has Sykes stepped out and exposed this practice. Belling exposed this practice very well on the gas tax rebellion.

A true 'conservative' would be fully outraged at any elected official doing what SJ and apparently David Prosser did. Pay state workers and use their state paid time to retain your incumbency. Disgusting that Sykes attempts to defend anyone (Democrat or Republican) who ever participated in this activity. Both Green and Walker have insisted that they never did what Jensen has admitted he has done.

Dad29 said...

Sykes is loyal to his friends. No harm in that.

He's trying to build the case that Blanchard is a jackass, which shouldn't bee TOO hard to do.

Maybe even a malfeasance in office case against that jerk.

Anonymous said...

no harm in being loyal to your friends?? A "true" conservative would not stand behind SJ and his defense by confession. Sykes should call for a 50% head count reduction in legislative staff and a 70% reduction in the legislative staff of leadership. You don't see any Dems defending either Burke or Chvala. Yet we have Sykes and Mrs. Bucher saying it is OK to break the law if you are our friend.