Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Selig Blows Off Taiwan

Having successfully taken the 5-county area for a tax ride, Bud Selig now eliminates the entire country of Taiwan:

Under pressure from China, Major League Baseball is forcing Taiwan to compete in the upcoming World Baseball Classic under the name "Chinese Taipei" and to not display the island nation's flag or have its anthem played.

Yah, well. Red China, still run by dictators and criminal gangs (is that redundant?) gets what it wants by playing the card Bud Selig, Google management, and Bill Gates understand best.

(Hint: Follow the MONEY!)


Fidei Defensor said...

This is a disgrace, if anyone thinks China's expansionism is limited to Tawain they are in a dream land.

Invasions of Manchuria and Tibet. Sending armies to North Korea in the 50's to fight the US, sending weapons to the Vietnemese to fight the French and US. Then later invading Vietnam. Don't forget annexing Hong Kong.

When China starts flexing its muscles we are going to wish we had a ring of allies to help containt them and we'll wish we had treated the democratic people of Tawain better.

steveegg said...

Did you really expect anything less from Pope Bud I, the killer of the 1994 World Series, instituter of interleague play, and the ruiner of the 2001 All-Star "Game"?