Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mikey Hasslinger: Needs Remedial Work

"Mikey," pictured above in remedial spelling class at PS 109,
located in the Register of Deeds office at the Waukesha County Courthouse (Room 110.)

"Mikey" has gone through 34 spelling teachers. We are unable to confirm that 32 of them commited suicide.

Regardless, "Mikey" was a success with E-Mail Class and Attentive Listening. He listens to Charlie Sykes during his long and tiring days at the office, and then emails his cranky gibberish to Charlie, using Waukesha County facilities and equipment to defend his buddies in the KaffeeKlatschKlub/County Board.

Mikey does not like Charlie.

We are told that "Mikey" and the Klub membership meet regularly at nap-time, just after lunch and just before "Mikey" gets to the "F" part of the dictionary (the one with 'facts' in it.) That explains their friendship. They sleep together. It is NOT true that they sleep together in a pig-pen.

Mikey likes his friends in the KaffeeKlatschKlub. Their names are Jimmy, Richie, and Patty. They give Mikey graham crackers and warm milk, not to mention a budget for his County-owned computer. That way Mikey can send email to bad guys like Charlie.

Mikey does NOT like Danny, the County Executive. He didn't like the other Danny, who was also a County Executive? Why not? Because these mean Dannys have more BUDGET than Mikey.

They get spell-check on their county-owned computers.

Mikey's spell-check broke several times, and Microsoft will no longer replace them under warranty. Microsoft is a mean, bad, company.

Mikey will run for re-election.


Anonymous said...

Another "Mike" here - a hard working Delafield (Waukesha Co.)
resident with what I consider just
ordinary writing skills.
That someone elected to what I
consider a fairly important public
office with clear responsibilities
including a need for correctness and very basic communication skills, as I am approaching my
retirement, including the sale of
my home, (in a very pronounced
effort to escape this tax hell we
live in) - I am now seriously fearful this idiot may not even
have records or legible records
to verify that I even own the home
I intend to sell. I'm hopeful the
staff in this idiot's office are of
a higher caliber, more literate and
more clear-minded - and that when
it is time to sell my home I'll find that my home indeed exista as
a property properly registered and
deeded in MY name. As the various
taxing agencies seem to have had a
clear basis for their annual tax
bills to my address in my name, I'm
hopeful THE DEED is in order.
However, I wonder if this person,
likely "politically connected", as
he holds his office as Register of
Deeds while apparently illiterate,
I wonder what in the world he might land as a "real" job in the
private sector, considering his
lack of basic skills in several of
the most basic areas. Just another
example of idiots in government who
live at the trough of taxpayer $$$
we are forced to make avaible to
so-called officials or office-holders so lacking in qualifications for the office they
hold. How sickening. - Mike in

Anonymous said...

omigosh! possibly THE funniest thing I have read today...!! Still laughing aloud....and we SO desparately needed a laugh after all the Milwaukee and Waukesha County Board "bs" we have waded through....not to mention the desparate whining of the DPW! Thanks! You made my day.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of "Mikke", I can't say I'm shocked. I often asked myself how a person like this manages to hold a elected position for 34 years. I loved the work that I did but working in that office was to say the least stressful. Can you imagine what it is like to try to achieve anything that could benefit the office when you are basically talking to the wall. Although the employees in the Register of Deeds office are there from 8:00 to 4:30 doing the work and assisting the public their opinions are not worth the breath needed to speak them. At least that is "Mikke's" opinion. And forget basic human understanding. God forbid a tragedy should happen to an employee in his office. You had better pull your self up by your boot straps and get back into work. The sad thing is that this guy somehow manages to hold onto a position of authority with the ability to ruin your reputation. This is a perfect example of one of the good old boys in politics who basically doesn't have a care in the world since he can usually count on not having any competition come election time since he has had a noose on the position since 1972. As for a comment by another listener, there are a few employees that have the common sense needed to perform the job, but most of us don't stick around long. If only the county could have held on to all of those people. They might have a whole office full of intelligence instead of just a couple of good apples in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I'm finished with this, I have to launder my underwear, because I soiled myself when I read that this idiot has held this job (or any job, for that matter) for 34 years. I would love to know what his yearly salary is. I have been unemployed for a while, have a college degree, and would gladly do his job for $5K less per annum. Too bad I don't live in Waukesha County. Maybe relocating would be an option, so I could run against this dope when his current term is up.

Anonymous said...

Hey You Big Meanie,

Leave Mike alone! You stupid head.