Monday, February 20, 2006

Newt Gingrich: Wrong on MFN, Wrong on Iran

Newtie, seeking a Presidential nomination, is beginning to work himself into a lather over Iran, having lately used the "H" word (Hitler) in reference to the dipsomaniac who is the elected President of the country.

Thus, Newtie has placed himself to the right of John McPain on the "we'll go to war" scale. Obviously, Newtie's Fox News gig is becoming boring, or something.

Iran is not run by a group of Davos-crawlers, which to some is a damn good reason to give the country a new Government. But Iran, despite WorldNetDaily, American Spectator, and Newtie rants, is simply not a nuclear power. There is NO solid intel pinning that tail on the Iranian donkey. None.

Further, there is zero evidence that the mullahs who really run the country are suicidal maniacs. Let us recall that the Evil Empire and Red China both declared the US a permanent enemy, and both of them had a lot of nukes to play with. They never used them against the US, and there was a reason: like the mullahs, they were not crazy.

Newtie was seriously wrong to declare that Red China deserved MFN status. The evidence both before AND after the event proves that Red China is run by a bunch of cold-blooded killers. Yet Newtie has never changed his opinion about PRC.

So what makes him right about Iran?

Who's he fronting for this time?

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