Sunday, February 26, 2006

League of Municipalities Explains It All

From BlameBush, regarding a Washington State Initiative-Referendum movement on taxes--the response of the Party of Government:

Under the guise of “democracy”, right-wing demagogues such as Tim Eyman have used the initiative process as a tool to limit or reduce taxes, cruelly forcing our elected representatives to actually adhere to a strict budget. Weaving a constant web of deceipt, Eyman employs slick marketing campaigns and bright, sparkly objects to hypnotize innocent Washingtonians into believing they’d be happier if they were allowed to keep more of their income, when we all know that the exact opposite is true.

You see, the American people are basically children – naive, impressionable children. It’s up to us grown-ups to protect them from evil conservatives who want fill their tiny brains with a lot of crazy ideas, such as getting something in return for their tax money besides clever new ways to take even more of it. Training these spoiled brats to become contributing members of a "community" rather than selfish individualists is a tough job and we get little gratitude in return. We help ourselves to a few measly pennies out of their precious piggy banks and give them fantastic sports stadiums and magic choo-choo trains to nowhere in return, but they’ll still turn right around and stab us in the liver for a cheap tank of gas. Well, I’ve had enough! Do you hear me?


Vaguely familiar, eh?

Oh, yeah--one big difference. The State of Wisconsin's Party of Government has NEVER allowed Initiative-Referendums in this State. Here, we have to do it the hard way--electing actual Conservatives.

Sometimes Republicans wear "conservative" clothing to fool you. Then, when they are elected, they pass really stupid laws which they know you will break--like turning on your headlights as a sign of submission whenever a Legislator is driving past; or requiring that you buy the latest child-restraint devices (in case a Legislator needs a ride in your car,) or buying distilled corn-products to ram into your car's rear end so you have to buy more of the stuff to keep up with the Legislator's personal road-building program...

Or they refuse to allow you to defend yourself. This, of course, applies ONLY to citizens who actually obey the law.

Like I said, some laws are made just to be broken.

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