Monday, February 06, 2006

He Who Has Ears To Hear....

The Pope is not a patsy:

The general system for the appointment of bishops in the past 40 years has included some negotiations between the local episcopal conference and the local nuncio -- who then sends a list of three names to the Pope, through the Congregation for Bishops.The Italian press reports today some very interesting news. In his recent audience with the Pope, Cardinal Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires (and, according to some reports, runner-up in the last conclave) mentioned the fact that two of the most prominent recent episcopal nominations in Argentina, the Archbishops of Rosario and Resistencia, were men whose names had not been included in the lists sent by the nuncio. It is not completely clear if he complained to the pope about the practice, but it seems so, since the report mentions the "concern of the Argentinian episcopate"It is excellent news that the Pope has chosen to eventually choose names from outside the usual "progressive" careerists handpicked by the local nuncios and conferences of bishops.

In an update, RORATE COELI confirms the brouhaha continues, but the Pope stands firm.


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