Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's An "Unfair" Prosecution?

Scott Jensen has released a lot of information which demonstrates that Democrat legislators in Madison have been actively using taxpayer money (Legislative staffers) to do campaign work. Shirley Krug, Rick Judge, Pete Bock, and many other names surface. From the information made available, the Democrats were also co-ordinating campaign expenditures with "unaffiliated" groups.

This follows in the tradition of Jim Loftus (and it may go back even further.)

Absolutely no one is surprised by this. The revolting selfishness of Democrat Party pukes in elective office is paralleled only by....the revolting selfishness of Republican Party pukes in elective office.

Nonetheless, Jensen wants to make a case that the revolting Democrat puke-in-office holding the title of District Attorney for Dane County (Brian Blanchard) is prosecuting only Jensen while ignoring the similar (and perhaps worse) criminal activity of the Democrats. Blanchard has certainly acted guilty--stonewalling for as long as possible on release of the grand jury testimony, and maneuvering to keep the testimony out of Jensen's trial.

In short, Jensen makes the claim that Brian Blanchard is guilty of prosecutorial malfeasance, a claim which I am perfectly willing to accept. Blanchard's a puke. A dirtball. A hack with authority.

Jensen deserves some sympathy, and the Democrats who participated in the illegal activity certainly deserve trials and jail. They can keep Chvala company. For that matter, Blanchard's activity, or lack thereof, should be investigated. Maybe his decisions warrant prosecution for blatant political favoritism.

But let's not lose sight of the realities: both Parties were using taxpayer dollars to maintain or increase their power over the State mechanisms. Not that long ago, taxpayers assumed that State taxes were being used for the common good, not for the benefit of a political party.

The Parties were too damn cheap to finance their own campaign offices, so they used what money was available--tax dollars.

Some pundits have simply given up, and declared that 'all legislative activity is political.' This is true, but should not be accepted with a shrug. Rather, Wisconsin taxpayers should demand that re-election activity be financed solely by the Parties, who should establish and fund offices specifically for that purpose.

We should NOT allow the definitions to be perverted to create sympathy for anyone---ANYONE--who is using taxpayer dollars to enhance their personal power, or the power of their Party.

Jensen is attempting to frame the debate in precisely those terms. Blanchard, a hack-puke, has enabled this claim with his willful disregard for Democratic criminal activity.

Yesterday, a friend and business acquaintance made the remark that he is NOT a Republican--that he is a Conservative. The remark was surprising for a few reasons--but it was gratifying to know that this friend and I are in exactly the same place.

Sykes made the same declaration a couple of days ago, if I recall correctly.

There's a good reason for that.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you always prosecute the leaders. In this case the Dem Senate majority leaders were prosecuted. In the Assembly, SJ and Foti were the Republican majority leaders.

Was not Jensen told to stop this activity first and after he refused then the DA proceeded with prosecution. SJ has had enough chances and justice has been delayed for him because of his ability to use his political power to file appeals all the way up to the State Supreme Court. Now he is finally at trial and he wants the charges thrown out because he is guilty just like many others who have not been charged. Give me a break

Dad29 said...

Yeah--but Chvala was NOT prosecuted for his most egregious offenses: blatant pay-for-play--and Shrilly the Krug WAS a 'leader' at the time.

I don't know about whether Jensen was asked to quit and refused...