Friday, February 03, 2006

STOP the Morons!

In the next few weeks, you will be hearing about a new organization.

Administered by a very effective grassroots organization and serving as a network-resource, the organization will be concerned with FISCAL ISSUES in the State of Wisconsin.

That means that such things as forcing parents to buy MORE car-seats, or forcing Wisconsin residents to buy Corn-A-Hole (that's RFG for you scientific-types)--or, as is rumored, forcing Wisconsin residents and taxpayers to purchase wind-farm electricity...yup, you'll hear about that hare-brained scheme soon...

You know, extortion-schemes-by-Legislators.

The organization will serve as a vehicle to alert Conservatives.

By the way, Sen. Fitzgerald doesn't seem to know how to vote on Corn-a-Hole. If you live in his district, it might be a good idea to get in touch with him.

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steveegg said...

Everywhere mandates;
Sucking my money
And making me broke.
Do this, don't do that,
We bought that mandate.