Thursday, February 02, 2006

Threatening Phone Calls?

A known liar, Representative Steinbrink, claims that he received 'threatening phone calls' due to his flip on the CCW legislation.


Anything's possible, I suppose. But Steinbrink's in trouble because of his lying on the issue and he knows it. He needs to get some sympathy. In addition, it's curious that the other Known Liar (Van Akkeren) does not report the same "threats."

Steinbrink is also a victim of other LeftoWacky-types who have reported all sorts of crimes--except that they lied about them. The Kansas professor who claimed to have 'been beaten' by fundamentalists comes to mind, as does the California professor who claimed that the nasty conservatives painted racial epithets on her car. Both stories do NOT hold up under examination.

Finally, Steinbrink is laboring under the burden of being a Democrat. That Party has been known for its "dirty tricks" campaigning for years.

He should have recorded the calls, and captured the phone number from which they came. Then he'd have a bit of credibility.

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