Wednesday, February 15, 2006

NARAL vs. Parents

No surprises here: the Abortion lobby (baby-killers, you recall) want to spend State and Federal money to get young girls into their orbit. BagManJim Doyle, clearly NOT a fan of parents (see "School Choice") and in slavish obedience to the Abortion lobby, are all opposed.

Grothman and Schultz, both right-thinking on this particular issue, think they can get it through.

What's the issue?

Giving your 15-year-old daughter contraceptives without your knowledge or consent.

Doyle and the Death-Dealers claim that contraceptives save money, which is questionable. But "saving money" is what happens when parents send their children to "Choice" schools, right?

C'mon, Jimbo: get your story straight. And keep your slimy hands off my daughter's ovaries.

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