Monday, February 20, 2006

No TPA--No Re-Election, With Update

Owen puts it well, here.

Update: No Runny Eggs tries to make it even clearer here.

A Harvard publication has demonstrated that in the early 1970's, the typical family was supported by one working adult, earned $41,700 (today's dollars) and still had $1,600/month after taxes, mortgage, insurance, and utilities. These days, the ante has climbed to $73+K/year for the same lifestyle.

It's not just the taxes, of course. It's the taxes PLUS the cost of regulations put into effect by the Leviathan-Lovers in Madison and Washington.

Frankly, it's easier to fix Madison--so here's fair warning to the wimps:

Party of Government types are not welcome, and will be verbally abused. Spit will fly upon them in 4th-of-July parades.

Even worse, some of them may have to find real jobs--it's called the 'back half' of the citizen/legislator concept, boys and girls.

Watch what happens in Waukesha County when/if the Exec Committee of the KaffeeKlatschKlub pulls its cute little trick.

Question (not altogether rhetorical): how many throwing-tomatoes can be purchased at Pick'N'Save by 100 angry taxpayers?


Billiam said...

I told a pal of mine to look beyond "income" taxes and ssi tax. I told him to look at all the other taxes and "fees" we pay. He was quite shocked, to be sure. We are way over-burdened tax wise. Yet the sheep of this State/Country keep electing the same people who raise the percentage of money they take from us and spend 3 to 5 times that. Go figure.

steveegg said...

We'll need to let those tomatoes "ripen" a bit first ;-)

Of course, the weasels will probably head to a place like South Milwaukee, where you can't even throw a snowball.

Anonymous said...

I can carry 3 cases of tomatos by myself. The better question would be, how many cases of eggs can we carry. They are smaller so we will have more ammo. Plus, the smell of rotten eggs doesn't go away easily.