Thursday, February 23, 2006

Charlie's WWF

Yah, hey.

Was in the car when the AG free-f0r-all was on the air.

Sykes claims to have been "just sitting there," but if the man had any sense, he would have been under the table or chairs with both arms firmly clasped over his head.

The Falk woman was simply out of her depth and made a flaming dolt out of herself. Pete Bock must have an interesting domestic life, eh?

Keg Lift-und-Schlepp-Em, on the other hand, kept her cool reasonably well.

Bucher kept raising his hand to speak, and was ignored. Kinda like the kid in the classroom--

JB creamed Falk--just creamed her. As I have observed earlier, JB knows how to shoot at a target and HIT it.

Regrettably, I only caught a few moments here and there of the rest of the show. Productivity, you know.


Anonymous said...

You should have been there! I thought that Charlie became Vince McMahon. I was really glad to see David Clark in the room!!

Dad29 said...

Well, you SHOULD have been.

Clark is opposed to CCW, just like Bucher "used to be."

So the only people who will have weapons are not civilians, if they have their way.