Friday, February 10, 2006

BagMan Runs Out the Back Door

Our corrupt and ...ah...lying Governor is protected by armed guards.

So what's his concern about meeting a few residents of the State?

Doyle met with about 15 people involved in voucher schools at Holy Redeemer Christian Academy on the north side of Milwaukee. Cory Nettles, a Doyle political ally, put together the invitation list for the session, which included representatives of some of the larger voucher schools.

But leaders of some of the most prominent schools, which represent more than 20% of the 15,000 students using vouchers to attend private schools, were left literally standing outside in the cold when they showed up and were not allowed to join the meeting. Doyle left the school by a side entrance rather than come face to face with them.

Perhaps BagManJim did not want to be seen IN the Schoolhouse Door (the front one, that is.)

Elsewhere in the report, 'some' of the Choice people apparently stated that Doyle 'had moved toward compromise.' None were directly quoted and no one mentioned what constitutes 'a compromise.'

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