Thursday, February 09, 2006

John Gard and Brother Bob: Heroes

John Gard has stepped up to the plate on the School Choice issue and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has not been completely honest (at least in its online edition) about the current situation.

So here, for the first time in a few months, is a bouquet for John Gard.

Sykes just interviewed him. It's clear that Gard has the interests of the Choice students (and the entire Choice program) at heart and has negotiated as best as possible with the underhanded snake/pondscum Governor--the most corrupt Governor in the State's history.

How do we know this?

Because ANOTHER Choice supporter, ALSO interviewed by Sykes, called the pond-scum's spinners LIARS. (It's a fact--but rarely stated so directly.)

That man is Brother Bob--currently the Director of Education for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and the Principal of Messmer High School--not a man given to hyperbole, nor to violating the 8th Commandment.

You can bet that the sleaze machine is gearing up for a fullscale attack on Brother Bob, Messmer, and the Choice supporters in general.

Gard and Brother Bob should counter-offer: make Choice a State-Wide program with no holds barred. Any parent can send their children to ANY K-12 school, crossing city/county lines, if that's what they want. NO "prior qualifications" of residency.

Why not?

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