Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Smoking Ban

Milwaukee's Common Council, never known as a repository of intellectual diligence, will shortly pass an ordinance banning smoking in all public places.

There will be some pain as taverns slowly go out of business. Some restaurants will also exit the scene. Some bowling alleys will remain open, but with fewer leagues.

Then the City will spend a few hundred million on "economic development" schemes, cannibalizing business from the suburbs.

The Common Council will largely be re-elected.


Anonymous said...

In some states, with the public smoking ban, they still allow smoking in taverns because the owners and patrons put up a big enough fuss.

The total ban, where it's not allowed at all- not even in your own home, is coming next. People are going to be stupid and let it happen.

Anonymous said...

Here in Washington state... we just had a similar ban ennacted, which includes bars and taverns. Some bar and tavern owners are rebelling along with the patrons.

I live in the nanny-state.

M.Z. said...

Given Madison's experience with their smoking ban, I would figure Milwaukee would be at least cautious on the topic. But, there was very little opposition when they prohibited cabbies from smoking even without patrons in their cabs. There is no limit to what people will demand of others to accomodate their whims. The best primer on the whole issue of smoking bans is here.