Monday, February 20, 2006

The Belling Riddle and the President

Well, THAT little mystery was solved. Belling was tossed off the air in the middle of his CornAHole rant by the NSA, or perhaps the Secret Service.

The President showed up in town today and lied about the "fuel efficiency" of CornAHole, fudged the real truth about the cost of same (is a taxpayer subsidy a "cost"???) and generally made a mess on the issue.

George shoulda consulted with people in Wisconsin, who understand that CornAHole is less efficient AND more costly. Besides, it takes 130 gallons of petroleum to make 100 gallons of CornAHole.

But hey, that's politics, right!!

Left Congressman Green in a bad spot, too, althogh The American Mind already determined that Green is never going to give a "yes/no" answer on the topic.

Gotta get elected. Gotta get the money. Gotta solidify the Farm Vote (are your cattle Registered?)

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Billiam said...

I guess I'll see where Green comes down. If he answers my letter that is. As has been happening more and more, Bush disappoints me. Given the available alternatives in '04, I prob. still would'vr voted for him. That being said, it would've been a 1 handed voye, as the other was jammed up my nose.