Monday, July 03, 2017

"Noblesse Oblige" for Today

Z-Man writes edgy stuff.  Since he's civilized, it's just 'edgy.'  If someone less erudite would write it, it would be inflammatory.  Not Trump-ean, know....

So Z wrote a column on the Jews, but from a far different perspective than the usual ones.  (Yes, there are at least two perspectives.)  As part of it, he has this graf:

...The example of Brutus is not simply that sacrifice, often terrible sacrifice, is the price of power. It’s that sacrifice in support of the culture, in support of the common beliefs of the people, is the price of power. The unwritten contract between the rulers and the ruled is that the rulers will do what is required to uphold the cultural structures that define the people, as they are the foundation upon which the elite stand. Brutus could not be Brutus, unless he and his blood were subject to the rules of the Republic.....

We think that the Judiciary should pay very close attention to that graf, especially the red-highlighted part.  See, that "...elite stand" text has an implication:  the "elite" may also "fall" if they fail to uphold the cultural structures which define the people.

Specifically, the structures of marriage and the primacy of the family.  And--oh, yeah--that part about "under God" Who, incidentally, did not write positive law.

Gehr Ste'he?

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