Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Death Panels, Charlie, and The Vatican UPDATED!

The "Charlie" story gets worse every day.

The British, who have single-payer (ObamaCare V.2.0) decided that Charlie will not be treated for his condition, which means that Charlie will die pretty soon.  The European Court of "justice" agreed.

It gets worse.

The parents have fund-raised about $1 million to obtain an experimental treatment in the USA.  But they--under British single-payer/ObamaCare V.2.0) may not go to the USA--no matter whose money it is--to attempt to save the life of Charlie.

It gets worse.

The Brits have further declared that the parents must leave Charlie in a hospital to die.  They may NOT remove him to their home to take care of him there in his final days.

And then it gets far, far, worse.

The Roman Catholic church issued a limp-wristed 'it's for the best' statement which is a complete and total denial of the ACTUAL Catholic position on parental rights and the right to life.

And I used the term "limp-wristed" with full knowledge of the implications.  The funnyboys are running the asylum at this time.  We've mentioned the civil war in the Church a few times, and it continues its roll.  Pp Francis has terminated Cdl. Muller (Doctrine of the Faith) in a move clearly retaliating for Muller's refusal to agree with Francis on indissolubility of marriage.

The right thing to do, of course, is to pray and fast.  But a verbal slam or two is also justifiable.

UPDATE:  And Pp. Francis has slammed his own bureaucracy on Twitter.  The leadership of this bureaucracy, we remind you, was hand-picked by Pp. Francis, and like lots of others, we had NO idea why he picked this bunch.

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