Monday, July 17, 2017

Does I.C.K. Know This?

I get that this is the NYSlimes, and Douthat is kinda shaky when yapping about matters Catholic and  the Vatican. 

But this graf, buried in the middle of an essay on the changing of the guard in Rome,  is sorta interesting:

...And so too in liturgical issues, where there is talk that Francis’s outreach to the Society of Saint Pius X, the semi-schismatic group that celebrates the Latin Mass, could lead first to the S.S.P.X.’s reintegration and then the suppression of the pre-Vatican II liturgy for everyone else — effectively using the S.S.P.X. to quarantine traditionalism....

Well, that might slow the funding river flowing from the US to the HQ of the Institute of Christ the King, ain'a?

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GOR said...

That rumor - quarantining of traditionalists - has been circulating lately. That PF is gunning for the Traditional Latin Mass was given more credence with the recent directive to Roman seminaries and houses of religious that priests concelebrate instead of offering individual daily Masses.

That effectively eliminates saying the TLM as it doesn’t allow for concelebration. I suspect that were Pope Benedict not around PF would seek to repeal or curtail Summorum Pontificum as well.