Monday, July 24, 2017

Paul Ryan Is a Hypocrite

Let's get this out of the way:  Paul Ryan was, in fact, NOT elected to save The Donald's ass.

Thanks for that info, Paul.

Now--from behind your walled-in-castle grounds, could you explain why the House of Representatives, under your "leadership" has not showed a scintilla of interest in Hillary Clinton's serial, egregious, and deliberate violations of the ESPIONAGE ACT????

There are those who think that you, Paul, are a danger to the country because you, Paul, are a member-first-class of the City Class and have forgotten the country-class from which you came.

Or were you elected to shovel Hillary's crimes under your bed, Paul??

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John Mitchell said...

Paul Ryan has his own skeletons that will inevitably come out. Exactly why he is NOT going after Hillary. He is on tape discussing how Russian money could be funneled without detection to target GOP campaigns, including his own. It will be coming out in the months ahead.