Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Where Sykes Goes Wrong

Charlie, who like Erickson, can NOT get over Trump's election, tries to nail it all down here:

...A year ago, many conservatives rationalized their support for Trump because the “ends justified means — and that the end was the implementation of conservative policies.”...

He's wrong, on two counts.

1)  Many Conservatives rationalized voting for Trump because HE IS NOT HILLARY.

2)  Many Trump voters ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES, and never have been Conservatives.  A favorite trick of the Upper Crust Journalists--of any persuasion--has been to conflate "Trump voters" and "Conservatives."  That's a serious fallacy.  Lots of Trump voters were voting Democrat only 4 years ago, and still may be doing that on lower levels of Gummint (see Paul Ryan, e.g.)

'K, Charlie?  Try again and try to be a little more...ahhh....accurate.  And stop your whining.

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