Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Donald: Nutbag? No. But Close.

In behavior which was predictable, The Donald has gone wacko-nutbag vis-a-vis Jeff Sessions.

Predictable?  Yes; that's from his real-estate-developer and TV producer background.  These are occupations very friendly to a "my way or the highway" business approach, because they are small businesses which depend on the talent and wits of the principal to survive and prosper.  IOW, megalomaniacs are just fine,.

But the Gummint ain't a small business dependent on the President's persona.  And--much as most of us would like to see it happen--the Gummint ain't going to turn around and behave, or wither away, just because The Donald waves his magic red hat and chants "MAGA MAGA MAGA."

Further, The Donald has to share a spotlight with other players, whether he likes it or not.  And he does NOT like it.  Megalomaniacs don't share.

So he "acts out," and--to no one's surprise--"acts out" like a spoiled child.

It is probably true that if one wants a friend in DC one should buy a dog.  But it does not help if one starts machine-gunning allies, too.  So now we'll get to see Teh Stupid in action. 

The benefit?  We won't pay as much attention to McConnell, who is slime-bagging as his nature demands.


Anonymous said...

Everything you say is true.
But from where I am sitting I really want to see Killery & Company in jail and Sessions just is not showing us he has the stones to get it done.

I like it when Trump says "YOUR FIRED"

Thats why I voted for him.
How many Generals did Lincoln have to fire before he got "Sherman and Grant" who got the job done?

The Cloud class does not go to jail, that is for the country class.


Dad29 said...

TRUMP was the one who declared that he would 'go easy' on Hillary, not Sessions. He never publicly said otherwise. What was Sessions supposed to assume??

Anonymous said...

We may be just watching Kabuki theatre .....
just speculating...

Just wish Sessions would get a sense of urgency about him...


Anonymous said...

A timely post by Vox.

May I point out what is going on in Illinois and Venezuala?

Sessions is a good man, but not what we need here and now.


Dad29 said...

Umnnhhhh....Teh Donald appointed Sessions. Teh Donald screwed up?