Saturday, July 29, 2017

"News" in Milwaukee's Litterbox-Liner

Haven't subscribed to a hard-copy for a couple of decades, haven't subscribed to the pixel-edition, either.  But I do read the headlines every day, just in case.  And, just in case, I also check the death notices to see if I should appear at the office.


Ever since the Milwaukee Bucks wrenched $$Umpty-Millions from the taxpayers for a Thoroughly Modern Dance Hall (or whatever that thing is), the Local Litterbox-Liner has published an essay about every three days on the progress of said ripoff.  With pictures!!

Very few people in the greater metro area give a rat's ass about this building, its owners, or its occupants.  Maybe that's why the paper is fixated on covering it.  Either that, or it's real close to a favorite bar or two.

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GOR said...

Yes, same thing for the Barrett Boondoggle - aka the Streetcar.

They can't keep the streets repaired but can spend millions on an Albatross that will cost the taxpayers more millions as the ridership fees fail to cover operational costs.