Sunday, July 02, 2017

Importing "The Best and Brightest"? Or Degreed Criminals?

About that New York doc who shot up a hospital, Ticker did a little homework.

...The "doctor" was an immigrant; from Nigeria, it appears.  Reuters "mentions" that he obtained a medical degree from Dominica, but doesn't mention a few other things.

Like, for example, that his name is a muslim northern Nigerian name.  He apparently threatened to kill his co-workers, if this source is to be believed, and then carried out that threat.  Oh, and he has three prior arrests, all involving allegations of various improprieties with women, dating back to 2003....

Then Ticker asks a VERY good question:

....I can see why you'd admit someone with an advanced degree to the United States (that sounds perfectly ok) but why was he allowed to remain once he started getting in trouble with women and having serious charges filed against him?...

Why is he here? I'd ask the hospital administration and the local D.A.

Meantime, the ladies who were assaulted can be comforted in the knowledge that this criminal creep was one of "the best and the brightest."

Feel better now??

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