Friday, July 14, 2017

Has Scott Walker Gone Off the Rails?

We already knew that Scott Walker's budget will spend lots and lots and lots and lots more money on the public schools.

It's his "buy off the teachers" thing; there's an election coming up.

Aside from the fact that spending increases are not necessary (money does NOT make better schools, nor better students, nor better teachers), that money has to come from someplace.  And if you feel a pain in your.......wallet.......well, yes.


...In crafting his election year budget, Walker blew off longtime supporters in the school choice community. Figuring their support is “baked in,” he rejected overtures aimed at increasing the number of high quality choice options and giving more choice to working class families....

He (and Alberta Darling, who clearly should be replaced soon) have decided that the parental income-limits for Choice students will be reduced (except in Milwaukee and Racine).  So Alberta turns into a Progressive-Tax gal, and Walker stiffs his supporters.

See why Trump won the primaries??

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