Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cancelling "Last Man Standing"

Following the announcement that "Last Man Standing" will not be renewed after 6 seasons, I DVR'd as much of the series as possible and have been watching them along with my long-suffering spouse.

Want to know why it's been cancelled?

Mature themes and content.

Yup.  You have to be mature to appreciate the marital banter, child-raising challenges, and workplace realities that the show accurately depicts.

You also have to be mature to appreciate the faith-inspired references to God, the Church, and the Bible.  Nah--it's not Catholic; it's closer to Conservative Methodist.  But it's straight-up Judaeo-Christian stuff.

And don't even bring up "gay", or worse disorders.  The Toolman will slap it down.  Hard.

If you're mature, you will watch the show and laugh, laugh, laugh.  It's heartwarming, too.  Best medicine after a day at work.  Stunted-emotional-growth perverts, God-haters, and self-idolizing twits (see, e.g., Lena Dunham) need not apply.

Catch it before it's gone!

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