Friday, July 28, 2017

Adam Carolla, Leo XIII's Disciple

There's a mythology that the Catholic Church's "social teachings" have to do with giving away money to the indigent.

Not even close.

The Church's "social teachings", which were summarized and iterated by Pp. Leo XIII, actually begin with the family--and really don't stray far from that "family" thing.  Ever.

Now comes Adam Carolla.

...Asked by Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., what Washington D.C. can do to help stand up for free speech, Carolla described the root of our free speech and intolerance problems and said intact families are the best guarantor of a peaceful and happy civil society....

At one time, Carolla hosted a call-in show whose audience and participants were troubled kids.

...“And I learned that all of these problems that we’re talking about – free speech, discrimination, hatred toward other people, and drug addiction, violence, crime – it all stems from the family. And when the family is intact, much of this stuff just goes away, you don’t have to legislate it away. It just goes away because people are brought up in intact families with decent caring parents, whatever their color, whatever their background is, and then they produce little decent individuals who go off to college or a job, place of work, and they don’t need to be coached up, and they don’t need to be legislated, and they don’t need bloviated by people like us. They grew up in an intact family.”...

Hot damn!  Anthony Esolen would love this guy.

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