Wednesday, July 19, 2017

House Budget: Another Load of BS??

Given what we've seen in the last several months, and what we know with certainty, we're VERY skeptical of the House budget plan.

And we're not alone.

...The proposal would reach a surplus of $9 billion by 2027. Over 10 years, it would reduce total federal spending by $6.8 trillion compared to the Congressional Budget Office’s latest projections. In total, federal debt held by the public would be over 30 percent less than CBO estimates as a share of the economy....

There's more at the link, but let's stop here for this blogpost.

"By 2027."  That means it is guar-an-f*&^%-teed not to reach a surplus.  Ever.  The first biggest lie is always the one which says "by XXXX years out there."

"Over 10 years."  That means that MAYBE the first 4 years' spending reductions will actually happen.  MAYBE.  The rest is bullshit.

"Debt...30% less."  That means nothing at all, because--like the "2027" line of malarkey, it is contingent on a whole lotta good economy (no recessions) and a whole lotta peace on Earth (no wars.)

Believe what you like, folks.  Don't believe the Republicans or Democrats, though.

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Anonymous said...

There are 2 things that I despise,
One’s politicians,
The other is flys.
One eats shit,
The other tells lies.
The more I see politicians,
The more I like flys.