Friday, July 07, 2017

The Idiots of Corn-A-Hole at EPA

Yah, no matter Trump, you're still being corn-a-holed.

And you still don't like it.

Expecting demand for ethanol-free gasoline to dwindle last year, officers with the Environmental Protection Agency instead found that usage came in at more than double their estimates, as reported in the agency’s proposal to cut total ethanol volumes in fuel for the first time.

“For the 2016 and 2017 standards, we based the total renewable fuel volume requirement in part on the expectation that the RFS program would result in all but a tiny portion – estimated at 200 million gallons – of gasoline to contain at least 10 percent ethanol,” according to the proposal. “We now estimate that the volume of E0 used in 2016 was about 500 million gallons.”...


 Part of the problem (as you probably know already) is that EPA employees are stupid twits.  They estimated 200 million gallons based ONLY on 'recreational boaters.'  They didn't count on people who drive old cars, nor people who use small engines for snowblowers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, rototillers, (we can go on....) ALL of whom prefer real gasoline.

Best reason why?  Simple.  Real gas does not lose its flavor while in storage.  So I use it in my seasonal devices and NEVER have a problem starting them after a long seasonal rest.

With corn-a-hole?  Good luck!

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