Sunday, December 11, 2016

Was It "The Russians"???

Come now.  The Washington Post is suddenly a credible source of information?


...So is there any reason to think that the Russian government had anything to do with it? We don’t know. There are a great many software experts and sophisticated hackers in Russia. While it is possible that the Russian government directed these intrusions, the Post story contains no indication of what evidence supports this claim.

The Post’s sources are some combination of Democratic senators and Obama administration officials, conveying their impressions of what what unnamed representatives of the CIA told a bipartisan group of senators in a recent briefing. Someday, persuasive evidence supporting the Post’s headline may emerge, but it certainly hasn’t so far...

But to the Post (and its sister and brother MSM Obama-servicing types) and to the remnant war-monger Pubbies, "Bomb-Bomb" McCain and Marco Rubio....why, this thin gruel is near occasion for a declaration of WAR!!!


As it turns out, UpChuck Todd, a pretty face fabulist, is one of the other Obama-servicing types.  Ol' Reince had to mention facts about half-a-dozen times, and UpChuck still doesn't get it.

...“What I’m asking you Chuck, tell me what the specific source that you have, other than the New York times article. What source are you using to be so adamant to get a response from me? What’s your source?” Priebus exclaimed.

Todd continued to press Priebus, “Do you believe, let’s just clear this up, does the president-elect believe that Russia was trying to muddy up, get in involved in the election in 2016?”

“Number one you don’t know it, I don’t know it, and there has been no conclusive or specific report to say otherwise. The second thing I would tell you is that, you don’t have any proof that the outcome of the election was changed, forget about who did the hacking, if someone did the hacking.”...

Fake News has a half-life of 10,000 years.  UpChuck will be repeating the story for months, true or not.

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GOR said...

Bereft of reasons to explain how darling Hillary lost, the Dems, the Obama Admin. and their enablers in the MSM have to come up with something to explain the loss. It just couldn't be them, could it?

This is on the level of "the dog ate my homework" - and about as convincing.