Monday, December 19, 2016

"Deplorable"? "Racist"? Not So Fast, Pundits....

Here's an interesting stat:

...According to exit polls, Trump received 81 percent of the white evangelical Christian vote, and Hillary Clinton only 16 percent. Trump did significantly better than the overtly religious Mitt Romney and the overtly evangelical George W. Bush. He likely over-performed among other theologically conservative voters, such as traditionalist Catholics, as well. Not bad for a thrice-married adulterer of no discernible faith....

We've heard a lot of rumbles from both 'left' and 'right' that Trump's victory was really a victory for racism, presumably because Trump got a lot of 'white' votes.

But what if it wasn't "racism" in the vast majority of the cases, but religion?

We've made the point here--often--that Establishment folks (like Romney and GWBush) simply do not have a clue about the importance and impact of religious belief.  They completely whiffed when they refer to Islam as 'the religion of peace' which it is not and never has been.

When SCOTUS went bonker/Lefty, GWB/Romney and the rest, including a lot of national and local pundits ignored the implications.  Trump did not, although he was given a few more chunks of asphalt to toss into the mix.

The result is clear.  Don't mind saying that I said it a long time ago.  Won't get credit, but hey....

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