Saturday, December 10, 2016

Right Wisconsin Goes Batshit

Ever since Wisconsin voters defied the #NeverTrump commands of Right Wisconsin (i.e., Charlie Sykes), Right Wisconsin has become more and more shrill.  That's surprising and, frankly, disappointing.  We expected better. 

The fixation du jour is on the County Sheriff, Clarke, who had the unmitigated gall to back Trump, right in the face of Sykes & Co.  Well, that sort of uppity-ness will not go unpunished!!

(For the record:  I think the hats are stupid, and yes, I DO remember when Clarke was opposed to the Second Amendment--except for LEO's.)

Anyhoo...Clarke's explanation of the Horrible Sudden Death-in-Jail Syndrome is credible.  Druggies and head-cases have health problems which often lead to premature death.  Inmates don't bring their doctor's file with them into jail, and druggies/head cases aren't often articulate about their health problems.  (And there are LOTS of these problems in a city run by The Left since about 1940.)

An audit is a good idea.  It's also a good idea for Right Wisconsin to move on.  It's over.

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