Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Optimism of "Z"

Here's a fellow who is a genuine capital-O optimist.

...Throw in the fact that 7 of the 10 richest counties on earth are attached to the Imperial Capital and it is not hard to understand why the people living here love government. Even the chattering classes, who hold no official position, live like royals compared to the people in the provinces.Jonah Goldberg, for example, lives in a seven figure home, in one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in the area. He got rich making armpit noises and singing the praises of the managerial state, but mostly the latter. He’s not going back to the former without a fight.

That leaves two possibilities. One is the city is sacked by angry peasants or foreign invaders. The other is we run out of money. That last one is the most likely answer. The proposed tax cuts and reforms from Trump are getting an icy response from Washington, but the private sector is tapped out. They need a jump start to begin growing again. Eventually, we will reach a point where a choice must be made. Either the peasants sacrifice to keep the Imperial Capital stocked with cash or the ruling class tightens its belt. I would not bet on the latter.

My advise. Go long on pitchforks.

If you think that Paul Ryan, Jim Sensenbrenner, and Mitch McConnell are about to forcibly reduce the throw-weight of Mordor on the Potomac, you need a long rest in a quiet place.

(Although it's been reported that Americans bought 17,850 TONS of ammo this year, and those were just the imports.  Hmmmm.)

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