Saturday, December 31, 2016

About "Security" at Home

By the way, not only does Ticker think the "Russians Did It" crap is--in fact--crap, he has something else to say:

...How many of the people reading this are stupid enough to have something like Alexa in their house?  Or a smart TV that responds to voice commands?

Oh, you say, it only records when you say "Heh Alexa" first?  How do you know that to be true, how do you know that the code in that device is secure and has neither a back door or a security problem that has allowed some malignant third party to turn the damn microphone on all the time?

You do know that the cops are testing the claim that Alexa (and Amazon) doesn't have that data, right?  Wanna bet on that?

What the hell is wrong with you?...

Think 'the internet of things' is a good idea?  Well, then.  Either think again, or learn to think in the first damn place.

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