Sunday, December 11, 2016

Darwin Award DOOMSNOW Drivers

There are two kinds of idiots-driving-in-snow.

1)  The Jeep/pickup truck bozos who have four-wheel drive.  To them, 4WD means they can drive faster than anyone else on the roads because FOUR WHEEL DRIVE.  And a few miles down the road you find them 180 degrees to traffic because FOUR WHEEL DRIVE is still just four-wheel skid when you lock up the brakes.

2)  The special snowflakes who--having just graduated from college and driving their first actual THEIR-car (not Daddy's) blaze through the universe at 40 miles/hour on the clear and wet Interstate.  That way they can frustrate a dozen other drivers who may do something stupid to get out from behind these special little morons.

Best remedy for both these idiots-driving-in-snow?  Force them off the road.  Preferably into a very, very, deep ditch.

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