Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Fake News Is Coming!!

Oh, yah, we know about fake news.  Wanna see some?

...They can’t stop Trump with Republicans in control of both Houses.  Nor can they allow the demos to come to believe that Trump is succeeding where they failed utterly.  So they are going to try the next best thing.  They will try to convince Americans that any any economic improvement achieved by Trump is owed to Obama.

It has already begun.  According to CNN, Obama’s Gift To Trump, A Pretty Solid Economy. At Politico, there is Trump Inherits Obama Boom.

If you just did a spit-take onto your computer screen, I’m right there with you friend....

"Pretty Solid Economy".  Really?  Solid exactly where?  I'll tell you what's solid:  the large and growing number of "not in the workforce" citizens.  Something else that's solid?  How about the number of illegal immigrants keeping the Minimum Wage actually, really, Minimal??

SCOAMF demolished the economy--which is barely limping along despite the asshole, rather than  because of him.  He also demolished the US' global reputation and strength.

What Trump actually inherited was one hell of a big rebuilding project.

And a lot of fake news from the "credentialed."

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