Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lueders: Half-Right (Or So)

Bill Lueders makes an observation that is not necessarily accurate.

...Lueders [said] “The entire conservative movement had this, ‘I’m going to hold my nose and vote for Trump’ attitude — and he says, ‘why?’ From very early in this process, he’s been a consistent and principled voice of opposition against the consensus of his party, which is, ‘Trump’s our guy.’”...

There are a lot of prominent conservatives who have NOT said 'Trump's our guy,' beginning with Ericson at RedState, Mr. Lueders.  That's one problem with your statement.

Here's another:  a large bunch of Trump voters--both primary and general--were Democrats.

And here's a third:  many of those 'conservatives' who voted for Trump were actually voting AGAINST Clinton, whose stench was nauseating even though she never showed up in Wisconsin. 

In other words, Mr. Lueders, your generalization is seriously flawed.

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