Friday, December 30, 2016

"Russia Did It"? Bullshit!

Ticker actually knows about the interwebs'n'stuff.

Here's the payoff material:

...I'm sorry, but "we know" without the evidence is propaganda, not information or even something that rises to the level of an "accusation."  Further, such emails are trivially copied and re-used by various evildoers with a change only in the redirect URL -- a trivially easy thing and, not-surprisingly, very common.

Since it's not at all hard to figure out where such a redirect went and analyze it from there the fact that the FBI and DHS didn't present that information and since it has been widely disclosed to the entire group of email recipients it  could not be classified either because it's not secret in the first place one can reasonably conclude that the evidence doesn't point where the FBI and DHS claims it does.

While we're at it, I read on some other blog that 'the Republicans' should be happy that there will be an investigation of this BS because, well, what if "the Russians" published Republican emails??

Frankly, if the Republicans are as slimy as Podesta & Co., I would hope that "the Russians" DO publish that stuff.

What.......Republican slimeballs are BETTER slimeballs?  Be serious.

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