Friday, December 23, 2016

Nothing New: Nazis Hate Christmas

Found at The Smithsonian by AOSHQ:

...because Nazi ideologues saw organized religion as an enemy of the totalitarian state, propagandists sought to deemphasize–or eliminate altogether–the Christian aspects of the holiday. Official celebrations might mention a supreme being, but they more prominently featured solstice and “light” rituals that supposedly captured the holiday’s pagan origins....

The key word is not "Nazi" (it just just as easily be "Communist") but "totalitarian," and let's get this straight:  sub-human slime such as Freedom From Religion are collaborators and cooperators in the Totalitarian project, not snowflakes.  They are not 'offended' by Christianity.  They want to eradicate it to assist the Progressive/Totalitarian project.

In fact, it is those creatures who are the Enemy of the Republic which is the US.

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