Monday, December 05, 2016

Priebus Bitch-Slaps MSM. They Deserve It

The transcript will tell you ALL you need to know about "Dickerson"--whoever that is--and the MSM in general.

DICKERSON: Let me ask you, as the incoming chief of staff, what do you do when he says something like millions of voters voted illegally in California when you know that’s not true?

PRIEBUS:  Well, I don’t know if that’s in the true, john. i saw there was an article in the “Wall Street Journal” the other day, and it had a certain percentage of people that are voting that shouldn’t be voting. There are estimates all over the map on that. Here’s the problem, no one really knows....

"You know that's not really true...."  A more pointed response from Priebus could have been this:  "And YOU know, Dickerson, with absolute certainty, that it is NOT true?"  IOW, show him for the damn fool he really is...

The intelligent question would have been something like "...what is your thought on the question of illegal votes?  Is it really in the millions?"

But hey.  Another thing that Dickerson(s) everywhere know:  Trump voter is racist.

Because.  Racist.

Althouse, on the other hand, bitch-slaps Priebus.  Althouse is Law School Faculty, Priebus is just a grad of law school, you understand.

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