Monday, December 26, 2016

Has NRO Gone Mad?

Madness, or insanity, has gained more than a foothold at National Review.  Perhaps the success of Trump has rattled those people so badly that their brains have fallen out.

Here, someone named Gelernter tells his readers that it is NOT 'conservative' to oppose tranny bathroom lunacies.

...The response, from many conservatives, is that it’s not a question of interfering with personal freedom — the freedom to live one’s own life however he’d like — but of preserving personal freedom — that is, the freedom to go to the bathroom among only people of the same biological sex. Allowing mixed-biological-sex bathrooms risks making adults uncomfortable, and risks opening the door to child predators, or so the argument goes. I’m afraid neither of those positions strikes me as well thought-out. Certainly not from a conservative point of view....

Oh, really, Josh?  You mean to tell us that your preferred Presidential candidate--whoever that was--would jump onto the tranny-bathroom train?


HT:  Vox 

But wait!!  There's More!!!  Williamson compares Trump's chilluns to Uday and Qusay.

Yah, OK, tomorrow the adults at NR (assuming there are a couple left) will come out and say that 'the Russians hacked us.'  Or something. 


Anonymous said...

Dad, I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking of Keven Williamson and the National Review
because of this piece he wrote and the National Review published last March:

National Review: Die, White Working Class

National Review is just a cesspool after that one.
Do not allow them to define conservatism.
I do not even click on National Review.

Let em define "Neoconseratism" all the want.


Dymphna said...

I started reading NR when I was 13 but I stopped shortly after Jonah Goldberg and Lowery took over. I guess I'll never go back and I'm not the only one. They actually asked for donations to redesign the NRO site.