Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Il Papa Kaka" Goes Caligula!

The Pope, who is a Jesuit, has infamously gone potty-mouthed (Papa Kaka).  Far more serious and perhaps more shocking is his turn towards Caligula-style governance (less the murders).

...Our Nov. 16-23 visit to Rome was the most dramatic of many such twice-per-year work trips we have taken there during the past 10 years. After meeting with cardinals, bishops and other Vatican agency and dicastery staff, John-Henry Westen, our new Rome reporter, Jan Bentz, and myself saw a consistent pattern of widespread anxiety and very real fear among faithful Church servants. We have never encountered this before.

Many were afraid of being removed from their positions, fired from their jobs in Vatican agencies or of encountering severe public or private reprimands and personal accusations from those around the pope or even from Francis himself


Pentin, a highly-respected longtime Vatican journalist:

...“The Pope’s reaction, of going so far as to question the [four] cardinals’ mental state, has been read as a manifestation of his own anger at having his agenda taken off course. And instead of taking the four cardinals at their word (they have said they are acting primarily out of charity towards the Holy Father, justice and deep pastoral concern), they are seen as adversaries. I understand he has also been working behind the scenes to ensure his agenda is not thwarted."...


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GOR said...

So, where is the vaunted 'humility' and 'mercy' of Pope Francis? He is acting more like a renaissance pope.

Florence, anyone? Medici, anyone?

But who is he to judge when it comes to a proven, active gay cleric in his administration...? It would seem that his humility, mercy and non-judgmentalism is rather selective.

Not very Christ-like!