Monday, December 05, 2016

Pipeline Protest Lies: There Are Lots of Them!

As usual, the Left lies.  A lot.  And that applies to the pipeline protest, too.

Here's a FACT:

...The pipeline will not be constructed on native land, but on private property north of the Standing Rock reservation...


...Nor will the pipeline harm the water supply, as it will be built underneath the Missouri River. If the protesters are truly that worried about the safety of the local water supply, they might try lobbying for extra layers of pipe, so if there is a breach the pipeline can be shut off before the water can be contaminated. Indeed, there are already six other pipelines in the area, none of which were protested for their supposed danger to public safety....

Even more, yet!!!:

...The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers held 389 meetings with 55 tribes to confer on the DAPL. In addition, 29 open houses, public meetings, and regulatory hearings were held throughout the four states where the pipeline travels. The Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota even voted unanimously to approve the project on Dec. 2, 2015...

Obozo ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the project.  A new Commander-in-Chief may reverse that order, or fire his way down the chain-of-command until the Corps gets the idea.

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Lies. Lies. Damn lies! said...

From the Oathkeepers website. Someone named Blue Otter said:
"I am a Native American Church leader and an Oathkeeper. Maybe this is why The Hopi Elders were dead against “activism.” I have been doing weekly interviews on Prophecykeepers Radio since August with some of the Grandmothers who have been involved, and one of them told me that she feared Soros was behind and had evil intentions to use them. Going back into history, our young people have long caused trouble for us, going against the wishes of their elders, because we believe no man should be forced to do what another tells them to do."

Lies. Lies. Damn lies! What else should we expect from the Devil's spawn?