Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hacked? No. Stupid, Yes. Excuse for More Stupid?? Definitely!!!

Denninger actually knows stuff about data security, the interwebs, and like that.

...We know how the DNC emails got hacked because it was admitted to.  It was done through very pedestrian and common phishing emails.  In other words they were not hacked at all; they gave up their passwords.

The Russians are actually pretty good hackers.  So are (some) Chinese.  There are plenty of common criminals among both groups, and plenty of inexperienced "kiddie" types in both groups as well, but when it comes to actual state-sponsored and supported hacking groups they're both pretty good.
The problems with these claims is that they're refuted by the actual evidence.  The evidence is that Podesta and others gave up their passwords by clicking fake "password recovery" links sent to them via email itself.  Even a cursory examination of said email would have disclosed it was fake and nobody should ever respond to one they didn't actually request first anyway, examined or not....

But there's a crisis, and the DC Establishment cannot let it go to waste....

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