Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Pubbie Solution to Killer Muslim "Refugees"

As it turns out, the (R) Party actually does have a solution to the killer (Muslim) refugee problem!!

They continue to fund Obozo's treachery, of course.  That's the civilized way, old chap.  The Club rules tell them to do that, after all.  A little wine and brie with that?

The solution they have created?

Kill the killers, one at a time.  Worked in San Bernadino, St Cloud, and NYC, right?

Please, old man, don't kick about the New Reality which means that there will be a number of US-citizen casualties along the way.  That's too bad, of course.  The Republicans are sorry about that, of course.  They might even send a little wine and brie to your hospital bed, or funeral lunch. 

That's the civilized way, old chap.

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