Monday, September 19, 2016

The Corn-a-Hole People Are Lying

Aside from playing havoc with older car engines, small engines for outdoor power equipment, and the world's FOOD SUPPLY, ethanol, a product of the corn-a-hole crowd, has another problem.

It's a helluvalot more noxious than they say it is.

...US ethanol producers are likely using outdated methods to measure NOx levels, according to trade publication Ethanol Producer. The result is that production of ethanol, which as a fuel has been a source of debate over its environmental friendliness when compared to conventional gasoline, may be more harmful to the environment than previously thought.

...NO2 may account for more than 80 percent of NOx's emissions. In short, ethanol factories and the resulting NOx levels may be creating ozone and causing problems such as acid rain at a faster rate than was previously estimated....

Even more:  EPA has not filed a report on the environmental impact of biofuels for more than 5 years.


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